history: 2008年12月アーカイブ

No.0132 Life in Idaho

cover image

Roe was an exchange student in Idaho. He talks about his stay while he was there.

Time: 3:05Speaker:Roe (flag)英語を聞く

No.0131 Climbing Fuji

cover image

Steven talks about climbing Mt. Fuji.

Time: 1:34Speaker:Steven (flag)英語を聞く

No.0130 Aussies

cover image

Nicola compares the people of Australia with the people of Japan.

Time: 1:03Speaker:Nicola (flag)英語を聞く

No.0129 My Dog

cover image

Trevor talks about his beloved dog and describes what it looks like.

Time: 1:00Speaker:Trevor (flag)英語を聞く


cover image

Simon talks about his city.

Time: 1:05Speaker:Simon (flag)英語を聞く

No.0125Water Wonderland

cover image

Matt answers questions about his love of scuba-diving

Time: 1:02Speaker:Matt (flag)英語を聞く

No.0124Beach Life

cover image

Trevor answers questions about what he takes to the beach.

Time: 1:04Speaker:Trevor (flag)英語を聞く

No.0123Travel Tips

cover image

Jason gives travel tips for people going to London.

Time: 1:32Speaker:Jason (flag)英語を聞く

No.0122The Moon and Beyond

cover image

Ebony talks about space travel and what life might be like in the future.

Time: 2:37Speaker:Ebony (flag)英語を聞く


cover image

Diana is given an adjective and must thing of the first word that comes to mind.

Time: 0:36Speaker:Diana (flag)英語を聞く

No.0120Likes and Dislikes

cover image

Keith talks about things that he likes and dislikes.

Time: 0:46Speaker:Keith (flag)英語を聞く


cover image

Kevin talks a little about life in Wales.

Time: 1:06Speaker:Kevin (flag)英語を聞く

No.0117Life Adjustment

cover image

Keith talks about what is different and the same after marriage.

Time: 0:44Speaker:Keith (flag)英語を聞く

No.0116The Media

cover image

Kerri talks about where she gets her news and info to keep in touch with the world.

Time: 1:24Speaker:Kerri (flag)英語を聞く

No.0115 Likes and Dislikes

cover image

Keith talks about his preferences

Time: 0:44Speaker:Keith (flag)英語を聞く

No.0114 Bowling

cover image

Joel just finished bowling. He talks about his game.

Time: 0:59Speaker:Joel (flag)英語を聞く

No.0113 First Job

cover image

Roe talks about his first job and how successful he was at it.

Time: 4:10Speaker:Roe?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0112 Favorite Foods

cover image

Diana talks about food she loves.

Time: 1:00Speaker:Diana?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0111 Summer

cover image

Kerri answers questions about summer.

Time: 0:50Speaker:Kerri?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0109 Cold Remedy

cover image

Marion feels sick. She talks about a special cold remedy she was given.

Time: 1:09Speaker:Marion?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0108 New Addition

cover image

Masako is so happy about her new grandchild. She shares her feelings.

Time: 1:34Speaker:Masako (flag)英語を聞く

No.0107 Animals

cover image

Diana answers questions about animals and the zoo.

Time: 0:52Speaker:Diana (flag)英語を聞く

No.0106 Reading

cover image

Kerri answers questions about reading.

Time: 1:14Speaker:Kerri (flag)英語を聞く

No.0105 Toronto

cover image

Marika answers questions about her city.

Time: 1:29Speaker:Marika (flag)英語を聞く

No.0104 Finland

cover image

Keith talks about his stay in Finland.

Time: 0:42Speaker:Keith (flag)英語を聞く

No.0103 Motorcycles

cover image

Howard is a motorcycle enthusiast. He talks about his bike and hitting the road.

Time: 1:25Speaker:Howard (flag)英語を聞く

No.0102 A Million Dollars

cover image

Keith answers the questions, "What would you do with a million dollars?"

Time: 0:40Speaker:Keith?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0101 Home

cover image

Nicola describes her home.

Time: 1:34Speaker:Nicola?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0100 Chicago

cover image

Diana talks about her city, Chicago, and what she likes about it.

Time: 1:03 Speaker:Diana?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0099 Vending Machines

cover image

Hisa has a complaint about vending machines. She explains why.

Time: 2:32Speaker:Hisa?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0098 Soccer in Kenya

cover image

Alex talks about playing the world's most popular sport in his country.

Time: 2:00Speaker:Alex?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0097 Japanese Salad

cover image

Hisa gives a recipe for a unique kind of Japanese salad that she makes.

Time: 2:44Speaker:Hisa?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0096 Horses

cover image

Daniela loves horses. She talks a little about horses and how they act.

Time: 1:32Speaker:Daniela?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0095 Ireland

cover image

Shane talks about his home country in Ireland and the city is his from.

Time: 1:10Speaker:Shane?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0094 The Guitar

cover image

Diana discusses her new hobby and shares her skill level.

Time: 1:01Speaker:Diana?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0093 Tokyo Nights

cover image

Shane talks about why he came to Tokyo from Dublin.

Time: 0:55Speaker:Shane?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0092 Wine

cover image

Sandra is a wine columnist. She gives tips about choosing a wine.

Time: 2:42Speaker:Sandra?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0091 Dear Old Dad

cover image

Kerri talks about her father and what makes him special.

Time: 1:24Speaker:Kerri?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0090 Day at the Beach

cover image

James talks about a good day at the beach with friends.

Time: 0:36Speaker:James?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0088 Canadian Cities

cover image

Marika talks about the three main cities of Canada.

Time: 1:15Speaker:Marika?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0087 School Life

cover image

Jeanna is an American high school student. She talks a little about school life.

Time: 0:55Speaker:Jeanna (flag)英語を聞く

No.0086 The Commute

cover image

Yoko talks about her daily commute on the train in Tokyo.

Time: 0:58Speaker:Yoko (flag)英語を聞く

No.0085 Apples

cover image

Kentaro answers questions about this well-known fruit.

Time: 1:19Speaker:Kentaro (flag)英語を聞く

No.0084 Good Dog!

cover image

James talks about his beloved dog back home.

Time: 0:58Speaker:James (flag)英語を聞く

No.0083 Japanese Festival

cover image

Yoko is answers questions about Japanese tradition and festivals.

Time: 1:45Speaker:Yoko (flag)英語を聞く

No.0082 Healthy Diet

cover image

Tara shares her thoughts about eating a healthy diet.

Time: 0:31Speaker:Tara (flag)英語を聞く

No.0081 Teens and Computers

cover image

Jeanna answers questions about kids and technology today.

Time: 1:24Speaker:Jeanna (flag)英語を聞く

No.0080 Guitar

cover image

Tara loves to strum on her guitar. She talks about her new interest in music.

Time: 1:03Speaker:Tara (flag)英語を聞く

No.0079 The Boyfriend

cover image

Tara talks about her boyfriend and what it is about him that she likes.

Time: 1:09Speaker:Tara (flag)英語を聞く

No.0078 Ice Hockey

cover image

Like many Canadians, Chris loves hockey. He talks about his favorite sport.

Time: 1:33Speaker:Chris (flag)英語を聞く

No.0077 The Gym

cover image

Yoko talks her local gym and how she stays in shape.

Time: 1:22Speaker:Yoko (flag)英語を聞く

No.0076 The Weather

cover image

Marika talks about the day's weather and about the kinds of weather she likes.

Time: 0:55Speaker:Marika (flag)英語を聞く

No.0075 The Band

cover image

James is in a band. He talks about it and the kind of music he plays.

Time: 0:56Speaker:James (flag)英語を聞く

No.0073 Adjectives - Opposites

cover image

Jamon is given a word, an adjective, and says the first work that comes to his head.

Time: 1:02Speaker:Jamon (flag)英語を聞く

No.0072 Driving

cover image

Kerri talks about the process of getting a driver's license in the United States.

Time: 0:57Speaker:Kerri (flag)英語を聞く

No.0071 Bread

cover image

Marika talks a little about baking and making bread.

Time: 1:00Speaker:Marika (flag)英語を聞く



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