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No.0070 Abilities

cover image

Jamon talks about things he can and can not do well.

Time: 1:07Speaker:Jamon (flag)英語を聞く

No.0069 Japan

cover image

Kentaro talks a little about his home country of Japan and his hometown roots.

Time: 1:06Speaker:Kentaro (flag)英語を聞く

No.0068 Pasta Dish

cover image

Jessica talks about making manicotti, an Italian pasta dish.

Time: 1:18Speaker:Jessica (flag)英語を聞く

No.0067 Money

cover image

James talks about what he would do if he was given a million dollars.

Time: 0:57Speaker:James (flag)英語を聞く

No.0066 American Life

cover image

Yoko talks a little about her stay in the United States and why she went there.

Time: 1:50Speaker:Yoko (flag)英語を聞く

No.0065 Breakfast

cover image

Kentaro shares what he usually has for breakfast in the morning.

Time: 1:03Speaker:Kentaro (flag)英語を聞く

No.0064 English Life

cover image

Tara talks about her hometown back in England.

Time: 0:49Speaker:Tara?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0063 Driving

cover image

Jeanna talks about her plans to learn how to drive and get a car.

Time: 1:07Speaker:Jeanna?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0062 Weather

cover image

James talks about the day's weather.

Time: 0:49Speaker:James?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0061 Tokyo

cover image

Tara now lives in Tokyo. She shares her thoughts on this Japanese city.

Time: 0:52Speaker:Tara?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0060 TV

cover image

Marika tackles the question of whether TV is good or bad for people.

Time: 1:20Speaker:Marika?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0059 Sisters

cover image

Kanade shares her feelings about her little sister.

Time: 1:45Speaker:Kanade?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0058 Canada

cover image

Jamie talks about his country and his feelings about life back home.

Time: 1:23Speaker:Jamie?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0057 Photography

cover image

Theo is a photographer and he shares his thoughs on cameras.

Time: 0:47Speaker:Theo?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0056 Night Out

cover image

Clare talks about getting ready to go out for a night on the town and playing cards.

Time: 1:06Speaker:Clare (flag)英語を聞く

No.0054 The Fish Market

cover image

Daisuke works at Tsugiji fish market in Japan. He talks about his job.

Time: 1:14Speaker:Daisuke (flag)英語を聞く

No.0053 Globalization

cover image

Jamie is a businessmen in Japan. He shares his thoughts about globalization.

Time: 1:03Speaker:Jamie?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0052 The Camera

cover image

Richard answers questions about his camera and taking pictures.

Time: 1:06Speaker:Richard?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0050 World Traveller

cover image

David talks about the many places he has visited around the world.

Time: 2:05Speaker:David?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0049 Nature

cover image

Kevin shares his thougths about nature.

Time: 1:22Speaker:Kevin?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0048 The Cold

cover image

Conrad is sick. He explains his illness.

Time: 0:58Speaker:Conrad (flag)英語を聞く

No.0047 Dream Job

cover image

Jessica wants to work in the medical profession. She explains in detail.

Time: 1:31Speaker:Jessica (flag)英語を聞く

No.0046 The Web Site

cover image

Jeff talks about the web site he runs with his brothers.

Time: 1:19Speaker:Jeff (flag)英語を聞く

No.0045 Great State

cover image

Tim is from Oregon. He explains it is such a good place to live in the U.S.

Time: 1:07Speaker:Tim (flag)英語を聞く

No.0044 Japanese Life

cover image

Kanade talks about where she is from in Japan and why she likes it there.

Time: 1:45Speaker:Kanade?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0043 English Life

cover image

Cat is from England. She talks a little about the town she is from.

Time: 1:05Speaker:Cat?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0042 Tough Guy

cover image

Nobu is an expert in maritial arts. He talks about the art he specializes in.

Time: 2:07Speaker:Nobu?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0041 Weekend Get-away

cover image

Adrianna is getting out of town for the weedkend. She explains where and why?

Time: 1:23Speaker:Adrianna?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0040 The Runner

cover image

Tim discusses running both as a sport and for recreation.

Time: 1:28Speaker:Tim (flag)英語を聞く

No.0039 The Guesthouse

cover image

Daisuke lives in a guesthouse. He talks about his living arrangement.

Time: 2:00Speaker:Daisuke (flag)英語を聞く

No.0038 The Beef with Beef

cover image

Theo is not happy about his beef bowl. He explains why.

Time: 0:27Speaker:Theo (flag)英語を聞く

No.0037 England and Japan

cover image

Clare is from England but works in Japan. She compares the two countries.

Time: 1:40Speaker:Clare (flag)英語を聞く

No.0036 Spear Fishing

cover image

Michael talks about hunting fish without a fishing pole.

Time: 2:07Speaker:Michael?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0035 Movies

cover image

David talks about movies and a few he liked recently.

Time: 1:10Speaker:David?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0034 Writing

cover image

Jeff talks about the process and struggles of being a writer.

Time: 1:17Speaker:Jeff?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0033 Road Trip

cover image

In North America, it is common to talk road trips. Tim talks about his road trips.

Time: 2:10Speaker:Tim?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0032 High School

cover image

Kerys talks about her rough and tough school days back in England.

Time: 1:10Speaker:Kerys (flag)英語を聞く

No.0031 Martial Arts

cover image

Victor talks about his style of maritial arts.

Time: 1:21Speaker:Victor (flag)英語を聞く

No.0030 Scuba Diving

cover image

Nicola gives her thoughts on scuba diving and talks about her first experience with it.

Time: 2:05Speaker:Nicola (flag)英語を聞く

No.0029 The Visitor

cover image

Leath is from Africa. He talks about a dangerous visitor that came to his house.

Time: 2:23Speaker:Leath (flag)英語を聞く

No.0028 Homestay in Poland

cover image

Charlotte talks about her homestay experience in Poland.

Time: 1:30Speaker:Charlotte?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0027 Montreal

cover image

Ann talks about her city in Canada.

Time: 1:54Speaker:Ann?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0026 Radio Job

cover image

Annili talks about and interesting job she had dealing with radio.

Time: 1:19Speaker:Annili?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0025 Mr. Baseball

cover image

Kevin talks about how he comes from a family with a rich baseball tradition.

Time: 1:34Speaker:Kevin?(flag)英語を聞く



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