shige: 2008年11月アーカイブ

No.0070 Abilities

cover image

Jamon talks about things he can and can not do well.

Time: 1:07Speaker:Jamon (flag)英語を聞く

No.0069 Japan

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Kentaro talks a little about his home country of Japan and his hometown roots.

Time: 1:06Speaker:Kentaro (flag)英語を聞く

No.0068 Pasta Dish

cover image

Jessica talks about making manicotti, an Italian pasta dish.

Time: 1:18Speaker:Jessica (flag)英語を聞く

No.0067 Money

cover image

James talks about what he would do if he was given a million dollars.

Time: 0:57Speaker:James (flag)英語を聞く

No.0066 American Life

cover image

Yoko talks a little about her stay in the United States and why she went there.

Time: 1:50Speaker:Yoko (flag)英語を聞く

No.0065 Breakfast

cover image

Kentaro shares what he usually has for breakfast in the morning.

Time: 1:03Speaker:Kentaro (flag)英語を聞く

No.0064 English Life

cover image

Tara talks about her hometown back in England.

Time: 0:49Speaker:Tara?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0063 Driving

cover image

Jeanna talks about her plans to learn how to drive and get a car.

Time: 1:07Speaker:Jeanna?(flag)英語を聞く

No.001 Athletes and Pay

cover image

Today footballers and basketball players make millions of dollars. Is it too much?

No.0062 Weather

cover image

James talks about the day's weather.

Time: 0:49Speaker:James?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0061 Tokyo

cover image

Tara now lives in Tokyo. She shares her thoughts on this Japanese city.

Time: 0:52Speaker:Tara?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0060 TV

cover image

Marika tackles the question of whether TV is good or bad for people.

Time: 1:20Speaker:Marika?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0059 Sisters

cover image

Kanade shares her feelings about her little sister.

Time: 1:45Speaker:Kanade?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0058 Canada

cover image

Jamie talks about his country and his feelings about life back home.

Time: 1:23Speaker:Jamie?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0057 Photography

cover image

Theo is a photographer and he shares his thoughs on cameras.

Time: 0:47Speaker:Theo?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0056 Night Out

cover image

Clare talks about getting ready to go out for a night on the town and playing cards.

Time: 1:06Speaker:Clare (flag)英語を聞く

No.0054 The Fish Market

cover image

Daisuke works at Tsugiji fish market in Japan. He talks about his job.

Time: 1:14Speaker:Daisuke (flag)英語を聞く

No.0053 Globalization

cover image

Jamie is a businessmen in Japan. He shares his thoughts about globalization.

Time: 1:03Speaker:Jamie?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0052 The Camera

cover image

Richard answers questions about his camera and taking pictures.

Time: 1:06Speaker:Richard?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0050 World Traveller

cover image

David talks about the many places he has visited around the world.

Time: 2:05Speaker:David?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0049 Nature

cover image

Kevin shares his thougths about nature.

Time: 1:22Speaker:Kevin?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0048 The Cold

cover image

Conrad is sick. He explains his illness.

Time: 0:58Speaker:Conrad (flag)英語を聞く

No.0047 Dream Job

cover image

Jessica wants to work in the medical profession. She explains in detail.

Time: 1:31Speaker:Jessica (flag)英語を聞く

No.0046 The Web Site

cover image

Jeff talks about the web site he runs with his brothers.

Time: 1:19Speaker:Jeff (flag)英語を聞く

No.0045 Great State

cover image

Tim is from Oregon. He explains it is such a good place to live in the U.S.

Time: 1:07Speaker:Tim (flag)英語を聞く

No.0044 Japanese Life

cover image

Kanade talks about where she is from in Japan and why she likes it there.

Time: 1:45Speaker:Kanade?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0043 English Life

cover image

Cat is from England. She talks a little about the town she is from.

Time: 1:05Speaker:Cat?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0042 Tough Guy

cover image

Nobu is an expert in maritial arts. He talks about the art he specializes in.

Time: 2:07Speaker:Nobu?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0041 Weekend Get-away

cover image

Adrianna is getting out of town for the weedkend. She explains where and why?

Time: 1:23Speaker:Adrianna?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0040 The Runner

cover image

Tim discusses running both as a sport and for recreation.

Time: 1:28Speaker:Tim (flag)英語を聞く

No.0039 The Guesthouse

cover image

Daisuke lives in a guesthouse. He talks about his living arrangement.

Time: 2:00Speaker:Daisuke (flag)英語を聞く

No.0038 The Beef with Beef

cover image

Theo is not happy about his beef bowl. He explains why.

Time: 0:27Speaker:Theo (flag)英語を聞く

No.0037 England and Japan

cover image

Clare is from England but works in Japan. She compares the two countries.

Time: 1:40Speaker:Clare (flag)英語を聞く

No.0036 Spear Fishing

cover image

Michael talks about hunting fish without a fishing pole.

Time: 2:07Speaker:Michael?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0035 Movies

cover image

David talks about movies and a few he liked recently.

Time: 1:10Speaker:David?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0034 Writing

cover image

Jeff talks about the process and struggles of being a writer.

Time: 1:17Speaker:Jeff?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0033 Road Trip

cover image

In North America, it is common to talk road trips. Tim talks about his road trips.

Time: 2:10Speaker:Tim?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0032 High School

cover image

Kerys talks about her rough and tough school days back in England.

Time: 1:10Speaker:Kerys (flag)英語を聞く

No.0031 Martial Arts

cover image

Victor talks about his style of maritial arts.

Time: 1:21Speaker:Victor (flag)英語を聞く

No.0030 Scuba Diving

cover image

Nicola gives her thoughts on scuba diving and talks about her first experience with it.

Time: 2:05Speaker:Nicola (flag)英語を聞く

No.0029 The Visitor

cover image

Leath is from Africa. He talks about a dangerous visitor that came to his house.

Time: 2:23Speaker:Leath (flag)英語を聞く

No.0028 Homestay in Poland

cover image

Charlotte talks about her homestay experience in Poland.

Time: 1:30Speaker:Charlotte?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0027 Montreal

cover image

Ann talks about her city in Canada.

Time: 1:54Speaker:Ann?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0026 Radio Job

cover image

Annili talks about and interesting job she had dealing with radio.

Time: 1:19Speaker:Annili?(flag)英語を聞く

No.0025 Mr. Baseball

cover image

Kevin talks about how he comes from a family with a rich baseball tradition.

Time: 1:34Speaker:Kevin?(flag)英語を聞く



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