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Game: Help Wanted


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Carl: Hello, Beth. What are you doing?

Beth: Oh, I was just looking for a job.

Carl: Oh, really. Me, too. Is there anything interesting?

Beth: Well, I was having a look at the one working as a sales clerk in a boutique, but I'm not really sure I really want to work for five dollars an hour.

Carl: Wow, I heard sales clerks get commission.

Beth: Yeah, it says here that you get a commission but at five dollars an hour, I mean, even with the commission, you're not going to be earning all that much money. And I don't like working saturdays either.

Carl: Yeah, I wouldn't want to work saturdays either. Is there anything else?

Beth: Well, I'd like to be a swim coach but I can't really swim so that might not be too good for me. What about you?

Carl: I'm actually a good swimmer and the salary's good; fifty dollars a week, three sessions, one hour each session; monday, wednesday, friday nights.

Beth: Looks good, but then again, do you really want to go all the way to Baskerville?

Carl: Baskerville! That's so out of the way. (pause) Wait, what is this? A landscape company?

Beth: Oh, wow! That sounds good.

Carl: Yeah, ten dollars an hour, twenty hours a week.

Beth: That's pretty good. It's not too many hours, and you are a student.

Carl: Yeah, but I don't like to get all dirty outside.

Beth: Oh, OK. Maybe you should go for an indoor job then. There's one at a call center.

Carl: Really! What is that about?

Beth: Yeah, computer help. Twenty dollars an hour, but you have to work forty hours a week.

Carl: Forty hours a week, that's like what ... eight hours, monday through friday. I don't think I could do that, since I'm going to university.

Beth: OK. Well, what about the student cafe then?

Carl: Oh, student cafe. And it's next to the book store. And there's another one next to the gym.

Beth: You like going to the gym, right?

Carl: Yeah, I love going to the gym, so it's a flexible schedule, ten dollars an hour, plus tips.

Beth: Maybe you should go for that one then.

Carl: Yeah, that sounds pretty good.

Beth: Oh, hey, what's this. A yoga instructor!

Carl: Didn't you take a yoga class once?

Beth: Yeah, I love yoga.

Carl: Wow! Fifty dollars a class.

Beth: Yeah, money.

Carl: Three classes a week. This sounds perfect.

Beth: I haven't done it for awhile, but I guess if I get back in shape I could give it a go.

Carl: I'll apply for the cafe then.